Online courses on Integrative Health

Science-driven content and evidence-based practical information. From experienced professors, researchers and healthcare professionals to their peers.

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Who We Are
We are an International Group of Highly Qualified Professors and Healthcare Professionals with years of Experience in Clinical as well as Educational settings
Our Mission
Our Mission is to provide the best Courses and the latest Developments in Evidence-Based Integrative Health approaches and techniques
Innovative Approaches
We teach innovative technologies in integrative health, lifestyle counseling, physical therapy, exercising and nutrition, naturopathy and oriental medicine practices
Theory meets practice
We offer Theoretical as well as Hands-on practice sessions to help you take your Knowledge and Skills to the next Level

"I have been a student of the Salgado Institute in Brazil for many years and I whole-heartedly attest to the level of professionalism and scientific valor of the online courses and hand-on seminars. Highly recommended!"

- Claudia Fontes, PT, Ph.D.


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