Course curriculum

  • 1

    Audiovisual Brain Entrainment with BrainTap

    • What is BrainTap Audiovisual Brain Entrainment Technology?

    • AudioVisual Brain Entrainment Overview

  • 2

    How to get started with BrainTap Audiovisual Brain Entrainment

    • How to get started with the BrainTap Pro App?

    • How to pair the BrainTap Headset with the App?

Your Instructor

Dr. Patrick Porter

Doctor of Philosophy (PhD), Counseling Psychology Founder and CEO of BrainTap Technologies. 30 years of experience operating the largest self-help franchise and 26 years’ operating a cutting edge brainwave entrainment technology Dean of Brain-Based medicine at Quantum University, Honolulu, HI, USA.